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defy_logic's Journal

"All logic is gone" -Liz, sick of being whored out
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Our mantra:
Because the unconventional is overrated and whoring out Liz Parker to five trillion different characters is fucking disturbing.

defy_logic is a safe haven for CC-inclined shippers to say what can't be said on pretty much every other Roswell site/community in existence. We bitch whine moan talk about the unconventional pairings we don't like on Roswell and the nasty ol' habit of siccing Liz on anything that is breathing. There may be bitching and by lordy, there will be mocking. We aren't out to hurt or humiliate individual shippers, the hate is strictly for the UC pairings unless someone posts something that is totally full of fail.

Membership policy:
Membership has to be approved by me, insidiousheart. If I don't know you and/or can't vouch for your distaste in UC, you won't be approved. Dreamers, Candies, Stargazers, Lamptrimmers, etc who don't like UC are all welcome and that is it. Don't like it? To say I don't give a fuck is putting it mildly.

Note to Liz fans:
FYI, we are not anti-Liz. I can't speak for every member but I like Liz and support the Max/Liz ship. What I'm not down with is the whoring out of her to anything and everything under the sun, and the canon-Sueing that goes along with it.

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